Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Personal loans as a commodity possess the following features which can be classified as benefits and drawbacks of personal loans


Possesses flexibility and versatility.
Has Lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits.
No collateral requirement.
Easier to manage as compared to other loans.

Fees and penalties can be high.
Interest rates can be higher than alternatives.
Higher payments than credit cards.
Can cause an increase in debt.

All the above-stated features are inherent in every personal loan no matter its use. Modern times have brought about a change, personal loan apply online has become a trend in developed cities as well as some developing rural areas.

In India, the banking and finance industry does not operate as in world-leading nations. Our economical structure is referred to as a mixed economy in which the market witnesses an active contribution from public as well as private undertakings.

Some examples of these are:

Public sector banks:-

State bank of India
Punjab National bank
Bank of Baroda
Bank of Maharashtra
Oriental Bank of Commerce, etc.
Private sector banks:-

HDFC bank
ICICI bank
Axis bank
Kotak Mahindra bank
Yes bank, etc.
After the mergers in public sector banks in 2020, The oriental bank personal loan is now the same as that offered by PNB

The offered rates to various customers such as Salaried, Self-employed, Pensioners are 9.95% p.a. to 14.50% p.a.
Processing Fee Up to1.8% of the loan quantity
Loan Tenure Up to eighty-four months
Loan Amount Up to Rs.15 lakh
Salary/Income As per the terms and conditions set down by the bank Employment Status Salaried/Self-Employed/Retired employees/Doctors Credit Score 750
Personal Loan Schemes:

Personal Loan Scheme Best For Interest RatePersonal loan theme for public {governmental jobs} salaried individuals 11.50% to 14.50%
Personal loan for doctors Doctors 9.95% forwards
Personal loan for pensioners Retired individuals 10.75% forwards

1. Consumer loan theme for the Public:

Any salaried individual will avail this consumer loan theme to require care of their numerous desires like fulfilling their children’s education, repairing of house, taking a vacation, wedding of self or your kids, etc.
Any salaried individual World Health Organization has worked for a central or regime body, university, autonomous body, etc. will apply for this consumer loan theme.
The reimbursement amount is one year to five years.
The minimum loan quantity that you simply will avail of underneath this theme is Rs.50,000. the utmost loan quantity will vary between Rs.4 large integer and Rs.10 large integer betting on your occupation, annual wage, and also the terms and conditions set down by the bank.

2. Consumer loan theme for Doctors:

Doctors with wages of Rs.5 large integer and higher than, and World Health Organization have paid taxes for 2 years square measure eligible for this consumer loan theme.
The minimum loan quantity a doctor will avail is Rs.2 large integer and also the most loan quantity that he/she will avail is Rs.15 lakh.
Repayment tenure will vary from one year to seven years.
A doctor will avail this consumer loan to satisfy each his/her personal and skilled desires.

3. Consumer loan theme for Pensioners:

This consumer loan theme is availed by those that have retired from their jobs and maybe a client of PNB.
The minimum loan quantity that one will avail is Rs.25,000. the utmost loan quantity which will be availed underneath this consumer loan theme is Rs.10 large integer betting on the age of the pensionary.
Repayment tenure will vary between one year to five years. Just in case the pensionary is higher than the age of seventy-five years, the reimbursement tenure is a pair of years.
The purpose of availing this consumer loan is to permit the pensionary to require care of their personal desires together with the medical expenses.

5 Best Online Platforms To Take A Personal Loan In Pune

In the present era, a personal loan is a very popular and well-known service. Today, we see an increasing number of people benefiting from it. This is largely attributed to the online application and streamlined methods. Pune is a city with a multitude of educational and business establishments.

It’s bursting at the seams of young folks and pioneers. In this glistening metropolitan city, fantasies stream over time to time. Pune is not only a city in Maharashtra; it is also the state’s capital. It has been expanding in recent years as a result of its emerging educational, automotive, and information technology industries.

For example, when you unexpectedly need additional funds for a close friend’s or your own marriage, an anniversary present for a special acquaintance, or a new gadget you’ve long needed. That’s why instant, paperless personal loans in Pune will help you get through those tough times without having to deal with a ton of paperwork. Customers nowadays want a genuinely seamless and hassle-free interface with an online automated application process, transparent personal loan interest rates, customized offers, and a high level of security.

By considering the same in mind here we have taken the 5 best online platforms to instantly get a personal loan from the convenience of your home or workplace.

Money View Loans
You will get a personal loan in 24 hours with Money View’s personal loan app.

A personal loan from Money View is totally paperless, quick, simple, and flexible.
The loan amount offered by Money View varies from Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh.
The repayment term is flexible, ranging from three months to 60 months.

If you need money for a wedding, a serious illness, a home renovation plan, or even a new business plan, simply apply for an instant loan from Money Viewand get the funds within 24 hours.

You can also benefit from low-interest rates starting at 1.33 percent per month and loan processing fees of just 2% with a flexible loan repayment term.


You no longer have to give up your money or put your vital investments at risk. MoneyTap’s credit line application gives you instant access to capital according to your requirement, with no need for collateral. MoneyTap is the first app-based credit line in India. The best part is that it has a no-usage-no-interest functionality, which has reduced the cost of credit. You just pay interest on the amount you’ve used owing to this function.

It’s a personal loan app that allows customers access to a line of credit that can be used as an instant loan or a credit card. MoneyTap is a made-in-India online platform, which has its own NBFC and only works with RBI-regulated financial institutions.

As a result, all data is processed and stored in India, with banking-grade security measures in place.MoneyTap charges interest only on the amount you borrow, not on the overall amount you’ve been accepted for. Apply online for a personal line of credit from MoneyTap and get a credit line of up to Rs 5 lakh with flexible EMI terms of up to 36 months.

PaySense is an instant money app that provides instant cash loans online, launched by Sayali Karanjkar and Prashanth Ranganathan. You can confirm your loan eligibility, submit your KYC records, and apply for a loan using your phone or laptop, and get approval in as little as 5 hours. It’s just a swipe away for one-time documentation if you have an existing loan and want another from PaySense. There are no additional checks required.

PaySense’s EMI plans are quick to handle, with updates and auto-debit functionality to ensure that you don’t skip any payments. PaySense also provides a document pick-up facility from your home; merely sign and hand over the necessary documents to the courier to obtain simple loan approval and money in your account. By applying for a personal loan with PaySense, you can get an instant personal loan ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 5 lakh to fulfill all of your necessities.

Dhani, also known as the ‘phone se loan’ app, disburses the loan amount to your bank account instantly. No matter where you are, you can just apply for a loan from your mobile anytime without compromising your comfort zone. With a Dhani Credit Line, you can get immediate money for all of your desires. With only a few taps on the Dhani app, you can get a credit line.

The entire procedure is conducted entirely electronically and without the use of documents. For the first few months with Dhani, no principal payments are needed. Just pay the interest amount to part of your EMI per month, with the principal coming after a few months. You will also get up to 10% cashback on EMIs with Dhani cash.

Bajaj Finserv
Personal loans from Bajaj Finserv are sanctioned instantly and disbursed within 24 hours. Women, government and public sector unit (PSU) staff, schoolteachers, college professors, and others are liable for these no-collateral loans. Personal loans come with the convenience of paying interest-only EMIs, which will cut the monthly payments by up to 45 percent.

Once you’ve been authorized, you can borrow as much as you want from your approved loan amount without needing to re-apply. Based on your eligibility, you might be liable for an instant personal loan of up to Rs 25 lakhs. Bajaj Finserv personal loans have a flexible loan term of up to 60 months, no hidden fees, and low-interest rates.

How To Learn Stock Market: Beginners Guide

The Stock market can be very intimidating for beginners in their starting years! Having the right approach towards it surely helps to take the right direction towards success.

The Theory of Books!

The first and foremost are Books on trading by acclaimed authors. As one can say, there is no such activity in the entire world whose theory cannot be mastered by knowledge from the books – the same holds for equity trading also. One needs to assert a fine grip on the basic fundamentals of the subject in order to build up confidence in oneself while trading in the actual market scenarios.

The fact is whenever there is a critical problem that solely relies on the subject’s jargon the only way out is a clear theoretical knowledge and on-field experience. Though the second aspect can only be developed with time and practice- the first can only be resolved by a good book.

Choosing an efficient book is also mandatory, hence always judge them on the basis of user reviews, simplicity of writing style, and performance.

The Advice Of An Expert Mind In The Field

In the initial days of a retail investor, it is often a wise choice to take the advice of a person who is an expert in the field of trading in order to follow them during your initial footsteps. They have valuable experience which is a must in any field and one can learn a lot from them in the long run.

Behold, one should never blindly copy them and should make informed choices on their part for their own good.

Stock Related Courses from Trusted Coaching Institutes

The primary and effective way of achieving this is to take up a Stock Market Course from a leading Institute to help you take the right steps! Choosing the right leader has always been crucial throughout history and the same holds for your coaching institute.

Don’t you worry we have got you covered!

The Thought Tree (T3) is the leading platform based out of Jaipur, India which offers diverse courses both online & offline all under one roof. T3 in total offers 7 distinctive courses related to stocks and finance. The details of all of them can be found on their official web-handle:

The aspect of T3 which makes it stand out from the rest is its practical approach towards teaching, especially in this field with intensive live trading practice during the training.

Now having discussed this solution to our problem let us turn our attention to some other approaches which can be done on their own without external help.

Market Analyzing And Understanding The Working Model Of The Market

The next step should always be trying to analyze the market for quite some time to be well acquainted with its working. The analysis may include in hand note-making, a thorough studying of the stock prices and to understand how to read the graphical representations of market moving up or down which are available in various media channels both on the internet and the television.

Studying the books for the theory and analyzing would develop your practical approach to the subject. The reason being we should understand how the market actually works before diving straight into it.

Finally Creation Of Demat And Trading Account And Kick Start With Small Routine Investments!

After one is confident enough to start his journey, the very first step towards equity trading is to open a DEMAT and trading account. DEMAT stands for Dematerialization and a DEMAT account helps one to keep a record of the stocks that one trades in – in a digital form.

With one’s DEMAT account all set, he/she should journey with small steps, what we mean is those small investments, in the beginning, should pave the right path to success. These small investments help an individual to gradually build up an overall firm grip on the Market. If you still have confusion, then you can join a good stock market course. It will help you.


With this, we come to the end of this short article and we hope that this would be highly beneficial for anyone who aspires to know and get involved in the world of Stock / Equity / Share market investing.

Shops in Adore Samriddhi

Adore Realtech P ltd are known builders and real estate developers in Faridabad for a number of high-rise residential projects in different sectors of Faridabad. Adore Samriddhi is one such project of 840 units of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Faridabad. This project is located in sector 89 of Greater Faridabad. As is the case with most of the high-rise projects in the current scenario there is a small commercial section attached to the project. This commercial section contains 57 shops ranging in size from 200 sq. Ft to 400 sq. Ft.

These shops in Adore Samriddhi are meant to provide for the daily needs of the occupants of the residential society. AS there are more than 2000 occupants in a society having 840 flats the commercial viability or success quotient of these shops is very high and that is the reason they are so highly valued. But the customer base of these shops is not only the residents of this society but in some cases also the residents of the surrounding areas which in this case would also have at least 20 to 30 thousand residents more in the entire sector.

Location wise the sector 89 is located around 12 kms from the Delhi Faridabad Badarpur border and is well connected to the Delhi Metro services. By road it takes around 15 minutes from the Badarpur border and from the nearest Metro Station which is the Badhkal More station it takes around 10 minutes to reach it from the station. Sector 89 is also very easily accessible from the FNG Expressway which is just 3 to 5 minutes’ drive and on the main road seeing a lot of vehicular activity.

The shops are suitable for any commercial purpose especially medical shops, vegetable shops, milk booth, take away food outlets, sweet shops, groceries, confectionary shops and bakeries. They have been provided all the basic amenities by the promoter of the project like ample parking space, water supply, pavements, security inside the compound etc.

This project is well connected to the finest medical infrastructure of Faridabad. The nearest hospital to the project is the upcoming hospital in sector 88 called the Amrita or Amma hospital. This hospital is supposed to be the largest hospital in Asia with a capacity of 2000 beds. The hospital is almost on the verge of completion and is expected to be operational by the second half of 2021. There are also a number of other fully functional hospitals in the city. The best ones are the Fortis Escorts hospital, the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, the QRG Centre and the Metro Heart Institute. All these hospitals are also in a range of 10 to 20 minutes maximum from the Adore Samriddhi.

Besides this there are also a good number of excellent schools of high quality in the area surrounding sector 89. These schools like the K R Mangalam School, the Modern Delhi Public School, the Columbus school are well known educational institutions and are known for their quality of their education. There are also some very good schools in a range of 2 to 3 kms from Adore Samriddhi like the Delhi Public school and the Aravalli International which are also considered amongst the best in the city of Faridabad.

Construction of the shops in Adore Samriddhi is fast underway and the project is expected to be completed by 2023. Join us in a commercial project which promises to be different and to be successful.

Why ELSS tax saving mutual funds are suitable for long term financial goals

Tax planning is usually done during the last three months of the financial season. Nevertheless, it is good if you plan it during the beginning of the financial year and avoid the rush of last-minute tax savings. Several options qualify for a deduction u/s 80C of the income tax act. One such option is the ELSS tax saving mutual fund that offers twin benefit of tax saving and wealth creation due to the equity component.

Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS), also referred to as the tax-saving funds, falls under the diversified category of mutual funds. As per SEBI categorization, they invest a minimum of 80% of the total assets in equity and equity-related instruments.

ELSS tax saving mutual funds have a relatively better long-term wealth-building potential than other range of tax-saving instruments such as life insurance premiums, PPF, NPS, NSC and others. Along with being one of the popular tax-saving instruments among the 80C tax-saving provision, ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) can also be an efficient investment option to achieve long-term financial goals, provided you invest for atleast 3-5 years.

Another advantage that ELSS tax saving mutual fund offers over other tax-saving avenues is the lowest lock-in period of three years from the date of investment. This gives the flexibility to investors to redeem or switch from their investments should they need. However, it must be noted that to enable the potential of wealth creation, investors should not redeem as soon as the lock-in is complete and stay invested for a longer term until his financial goals are achieved.

How much tax can ELSS tax saving mutual funds provide? While the actual tax benefit will vary between investors, you will be eligible for tax benefit if upto Rs.1.5 lakhs a year.

If you are looking for higher returns in ELSS tax-saving mutual funds of 2021, examine not just the tax-saving mutual funds of 2020, but look at the historical returns across market cycles. Also, you can look at a direct plan option if you are looking for a lower expense ratio and thereby provide you with better returns over the long-term. Most fund houses offer a minimum investment amount of Rs. 500 that you can start as an SIP. Investors need to note that each SIP in a mutual fund has a lock-in of three years.

If you are looking to achieve your long-term financial goals and save tax to yet to reach the threshold limit of ¹1.5 lakh Section u/s 80C annual limit, these tax-saving mutual funds can be a good option to consider.

How to get a Decent Deal While Car Financing in Washington?

The process of buying a car does not stop at choosing the make, model, and features of the vehicle. Car financing plays a crucial role in deciding the type of car deal that you receive in Washington. A good auto financing deal is the bedrock of a great auto deal, and any misjudgment in choosing an auto loan may or may not cost you thousands of dollars.

Car financing in Washington has its own set of points to keep in mind. Go through your local DMV to check for state-specific rules that apply to Washington. Understand your automotive needs before purchasing a car in Washington.

Ask yourself questions such as: What is the purpose of buying a car? Who will use it? What is the monthly budget against your income that would go towards insurance, maintenance, and gas? Finally, ask yourself, what car will fit your primary criteria and allow you to enjoy comfortable monthly payments? Learn more on how to purchase a car and get the best financing deal in Washington.

WA Car Financing: Tips to get a Comfortable Car Deal

1. Credit Score: The Cornerstone for every Auto Loan

A credit score is a pivotal instrument to judge the credibility of an individual. The average credit score of Washingtonians is 693. A credit score of 650 and above is a decent credit score. Therefore, the Washington car buyers have good financial standing and are less likely to miss out on a payment. One way to increase your chances of an auto loan approval in Washington is to improve your credit score before applying for the auto loan. Pay up your past payments and improve your debt-to-income ratio to get a good car deal in Washington.

2. Payments and Income: The Key is Balance

The way you manage your monthly payments and income plays an essential role in your auto financing journey. The amount that should go towards your monthly payments should be the amount left after deducting your expenses from your income. The median annual income for a household in Washington is approximately $85,000. The approximate yearly income of the entire United States household is $60,000. It shows that Washingtonians have higher disposable incomes than the rest of the citizens.

Therefore, you can take a shorter-term period of 60 to 72 months and make high payments to enjoy a low interest rate on your auto loan.

3. Debt-to-income Ratio: Manage Debts Smartly

A debt-to-income ratio measures the amount of debt you hold against your income. The less the debt-to-income ratio, the better will be your financial situation. A person with a lower DTI ratio often has a better credit score because a stable financial condition leads to improved scores.

The average credit card balance of Washingtonians is approximately $6592. Therefore, on average, a Washingtonian will carry a debt of $6592 in credit cards. Manage your income against your payments and make sure you decrease your credit card debt before applying for an auto loan in Washington to get the best car financing deal.

Understand Your Way into A Good Deal in Washington

Every state has its own set of rules of car financing and car buying. Washington is one of the best places for purchasing a car. Even if you suffer from a bad credit score, you can still obtain an auto loan. The lenders find WA car buyers trustworthy because of the overall superior financial stability of Washingtonians.

To make matters simpler, you should take the help of online auto portals that will help you calculate your credit score, the approximate interest rate you will get, and the available vehicle options in WA State. Also, keep the above points in mind and understand how you can avail the best auto deal while you buy your next car in Washington.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide
Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other. It has also changed the way businesses market their products and services. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote products or services and connect with target audiences. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about social media marketing.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?
Increased Brand Awareness: Social media provides a platform to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience.

Cost-Effective: Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience compared to traditional advertising methods.

Customer Engagement: Social media allows businesses to engage with their customers and build a relationship with them.

Measurable Results: Social media marketing provides measurable results such as reach, engagement, and conversions.

Social Media Platforms
There are various social media platforms that businesses can use for social media marketing. The most popular social media platforms are:

Facebook: With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform. It provides businesses with the ability to create a business page, run ads, and engage with their target audience.

Twitter: Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows businesses to share short messages with their followers. It is popular for its real-time nature and is often used for customer service.

Instagram: Instagram is a visual platform that allows businesses to share photos and videos with their followers. It is popular among younger audiences and is often used for influencer marketing.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows businesses to connect with other professionals in their industry. It is often used for B2B marketing.

YouTube: YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows businesses to create and share video content with their followers. It is popular for product demos, tutorials, and brand storytelling.

Social Media Marketing Strategies
Define your target audience: The first step in any social media marketing strategy is to define your target audience. This will help you create content that resonates with them and increases engagement.

Choose the right platform: Once you have defined your target audience, choose the social media platform that is most popular among them.

Create engaging content: Create content that is relevant, informative, and engaging to your target audience.

Use visuals: Visuals such as images and videos increase engagement on social media.

Engage with your audience: Engage with your audience by responding to their comments and messages.

Run social media ads: Social media ads are a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience and increase conversions.

Measure your results: Use analytics tools to measure your results and make changes to your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Protecting Your Digital Assets: The Importance of Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training has become a necessity in today’s digital age. The internet and digital technologies have transformed the way we work and live, but with this transformation comes an increased risk of cyber attacks. As a result, it is important for individuals and organizations to understand the importance of cyber security training and invest in it.

What is Cyber Security Training?
Cyber security training is a process that provides individuals with knowledge and skills to protect their digital devices and networks from cyber attacks. The training covers a range of topics, including identifying potential threats, managing security incidents, and using security software and tools. The goal of cyber security training is to create awareness of the risks associated with using digital technologies and to equip individuals with the necessary skills to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.

The Importance of Cyber Security Training
Protecting Digital Assets
The proliferation of digital technologies has led to an increase in the number of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in networks and digital devices, and organizations and individuals need to be prepared to defend against these attacks. Cyber security training helps individuals to identify potential threats and understand how to protect their digital assets, such as personal and sensitive information, from being compromised.

Ensuring Compliance with Data Protection Regulations
Many countries have data protection regulations in place to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent the misuse of their personal information. Organizations that fail to comply with these regulations may face heavy fines and damage to their reputation. Cyber security training can help organizations to understand the regulations and ensure that they are in compliance with them.

Reducing the Risk of Data Breaches
Data breaches can have a significant impact on organizations, including financial losses, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. Cyber security training can help individuals to identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and networks and take steps to address them. This can help to reduce the risk of data breaches and minimize the impact of any security incidents.

Improving the Effectiveness of Security Measures
Organizations invest a significant amount of resources in implementing security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption. However, these measures are only effective if they are used correctly. Cyber security training helps individuals to understand how to use security measures effectively and to identify potential weaknesses in their systems that may need to be addressed.

Enhancing the Reputation of the Organization
Organizations that invest in cyber security training and take steps to protect their digital assets are viewed as more trustworthy and reliable by customers and partners. This can enhance the reputation of the organization and help to attract and retain customers and partners.

Types of Cyber Security Training

There are various types of cyber security training available, including:

Online Training
Online cyber security training is convenient and cost-effective. It can be completed at the individual’s own pace and from any location with an internet connection. Online training can include videos, quizzes, and simulations to help individuals understand and retain the information.

Classroom Training
Classroom cyber security training is led by an instructor and can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. Classroom training provides an opportunity for individuals to ask questions and engage in discussions with the instructor and other participants.

On-The-Job Training
On-the-job cyber security training involves working alongside an experienced cyber security professional to learn about the threats and vulnerabilities in the organization’s systems and networks. This type of training is particularly effective for individuals who need to understand the specific risks associated with their job role.

There are several advantages of cyber security training, including:

Improved Cyber Security: The primary advantage of cyber security training is that it helps individuals and organizations to improve their cyber security. Cyber security training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to identify potential cyber threats, implement effective security measures, and respond to security incidents.

Increased Awareness: Cyber security training increases the awareness of cyber threats and the risks associated with using digital technologies. It helps individuals to understand the importance of cyber security and the impact that cyber attacks can have on their personal and professional lives.

Compliance with Regulations: Many countries have data protection regulations in place that require organizations to take steps to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent the misuse of their personal information. Cyber security training helps organizations to understand these regulations and ensure that they are in compliance with them.

Reduction in Cyber Security Incidents: Cyber security training can help to reduce the number of cyber security incidents that occur. It enables individuals to identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and networks and take steps to address them before they are exploited by cyber criminals.

Cost Savings: Investing in cyber security training can result in significant cost savings in the long run. It can help organizations to avoid the financial losses and reputational damage that can result from a cyber security incident.

Improved Reputation: Organizations that invest in cyber security training and take steps to protect their digital assets are viewed as more trustworthy and reliable by customers and partners. This can enhance the reputation of the organization and help to attract and retain customers and partners.

Increased Competitiveness: Cyber security training can provide organizations with a competitive advantage. It can help them to demonstrate to customers and partners that they take cyber security seriously and are committed to protecting their digital assets.

Professional Development: Cyber security training can also provide individuals with opportunities for professional development. It can help individuals to gain new skills and knowledge that can be applied in their current job role or in future job opportunities.

In summary, cyber security training is essential in today’s digital age. It provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to protect their digital assets, comply with regulations, and respond to cyber security incidents. The benefits of cyber security training include improved cyber security, increased awareness, cost savings, improved reputation, and increased competitiveness. Additionally, cyber security training can also provide opportunities for professional development for individuals.

In conclusion, cyber security training is a critical investment for both individuals and organizations. The rapidly evolving threat landscape of the digital age demands constant vigilance and adaptation, and training provides the tools and knowledge necessary to do so effectively. Through training, individuals can become better equipped to protect their personal and professional digital assets, while organizations can reduce the risk of costly cyber attacks and enhance their reputation as trustworthy, secure entities.

The advantages of cyber security training are numerous. Training helps to improve cyber security by providing individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify potential threats and respond to security incidents. It also increases awareness of the risks associated with digital technologies, which can lead to more responsible and secure use of these tools.

Overall, cyber security training is an essential investment in today’s digital age. By increasing awareness, improving cyber security, and providing opportunities for professional development, it offers numerous benefits to individuals and organizations alike. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, cyber security training will only become more critical in ensuring a secure and responsible digital future.

Documents required to open 5 paisa demat account

A Demat Account is an account that enables the user to hold the shares and securities in electronic form. The word “Demat” is actually short for Dematerialization that means converting physical shares to E-form. The Demat account has benefits as it stores the shares in a dematerialized format. Moreover, the Free Demat account service in India is provided by NSDL and CDSL through Depository Participants, Stockbroker, etc. The charges of a Demat account vary highly and it depends on the volume of securities held in the account, type, and terms that are laid by stockbroker and depository.

5 paisa
5 paisa is a discount stock broker that is Mumbai-based. They offer services like trading, advisory, and investment to retail customers. Moreover, 5 paisa provides financial services that are low-cost. It is a flat fee broker which has many advantages. They charge a fixed brokerage of Rs. 20 on every executed order across the segments. The brokerage does not depend on the size of the trade, the customer pays only Rs. 20 as the brokerage. It is relatively very low as compared to traditional brokers.

The process for opening an account with 5 paisa is paperless and online. 5 paisa depository services or we can also call it 5 paisa Demat account provides impressive services. The facility of a 2-in-1 account that is offered by the 5 paisa includes a Demat and a trading account.

5 Paisa Demat Account Schemes
5 Paisa offers two Demat account schemes for its customers. Those are:

Regular Account (Non-BSDA)
BSDA Account: This type of account has AMC free of charge if the value of holding in the Demat account is up to Rs. 50,000. If the holding between 50,000 to 2,00,000 then 5 paisa charges AMC of Rs.100.
Key Features of 5 paisa Demat account
Offline and Online transfer of Share is very easy.
The facility of converting physical share certificates to dematerialized format is beneficial.
There is a feature of auto-update of Bonus issues, stock split, or right shares directly into your Demat account.
You can hold mutual funds in your Demat account.
There is an option to freeze the account when you require that to avoid misuse.
The well-integrated system with the trading application is an amazing feature of the 5 paisa Demat account.
Documents Required for Opening Demat Account with 5paisa
You need to be well prepared with documents that will be needed to open a Demat account with 5paisa. These Documents are important for the KYC process i.e. Know Your Customer. The Documents that are required are:

Proof of Identity: Copies of any of the following documents will work as Proof of Identity.
Driving License
Pan card
Aadhar card
Voter’s ID
Proof of Address: Copies of any of the following documents will work as Proof of Address.
Electricity Bills
Telephone Bills
Ration card
Voter’s ID
Aadhar card
Property tax receipts
Bank passbook
Process of Opening Demat account with 5 paisa
In order to open a Demat Account with 5paisa you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Find a Depository Participant: The first step includes looking for a depository participant. Look for a suitable depository participant, it can be a broker, bank, or online investment platform. If you choose 5paisa as your depository participant from the next step onwards are the steps you need to follow.

Step 2: Fill in your Personal Details: You need to fill in the details like Date of Birth, Aadhar Number, and Pan Number. Moreover, other details required are taken from the eKYC database so you need to verify it and it should be true.

Step 3: Fill in the details of the Bank: In this step, you need to enter your Account Number and IFSC.

Step 4: Upload your Documents: The documents that are mentioned in this article like the Aadhar card, Photo, and Cancelled cheque needs to be uploaded in this step.

Step 5: Make payment: Pay the account opening charges. Reach the payment gateway where you can make the payment.

Step 6: E-sign your Form: After you fill in all the details, now you need to review the form and sign it digitally. The application process will be completed and no physical signature is required.

5 Paisa Account Maintenance Charges
Holding Value of the Security on the Last Day of the Month

Basic Pack

Power Investor Pack


Up to Rs. 50,000

Rs. 0

Rs. 0


From Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 8

Rs. 8

Rs. 8

Above Rs. 2,00,000

Rs. 25


Rs. 25

5 Paisa Depository Charges
Nature of the Transaction

DP Charges

Transfer of Shares from Demat A/c

Margin Funding Account or Margin Account, Unpaid Securities Account upon the selling of shares

Rs. 12.5 (Flat)

Transfer of Shares from your Demat account to any other Demat account on request as requested

Rs. 12.5 (Flat)

5 Paisa Pledge and Unpledged Charges


Pledge for Margin

Rs. 12.5 per scrip

Pledge for Funding

Rs. 25 per scrip


Rs. 12.5 per scrip

Unpledge and sell

Rs. 12.5 + Rs. 12.5 (Rs. Per scrip)

5 Paisa Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat Account Opening Fee

Free of Charge

Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC)

Rs. 540 (Charged as Rs. 45 on every traded month)

5 Paisa Demat Account Charges


Debit Charges

Rs.12.50 per transaction per script

Credit charges


Pledge Closure


Pledge Creation

Rs. 50


Rs.540 (This is charged every trading month-Rs.45)


Rs. 15 per certificate


Rs. 15 per certificate or per 100 shares (whichever is high)

Conversion of MF

Rs. 15

Reconversion of MF

Rs. 15

To sum it all up, we discussed what exactly is a Demat account and the features of the 5 paisa Demat account. The benefits of the 5 paisa Demat account are attractive and to open a Demat account with 5 paisa you need to follow the steps provided above in the article. Also, we have mentioned the Documents required to open 5 Paisa Demat account knowledge of which will make the process smoother.

More Risk, More Return: Is it true in Stock Market?

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”- Warren Buffet.

The essence of successful investing lies in the way an individual manages the risk. Gambling is just a synonym for speculation and when use guessing as pillar of your investment strategy you are bound to lose, incessantly. Making an informed choice based on the measurement of an investment option’s systematic and unsystematic risk is cardinal while investing in stock markets. But before we jump into the discussion of the correlation between risk and return, I feel that understanding the concept of risk in financial terms is fundamental and a topic of paramount importance.

What is risk?

Risk in financial terms is the difference between the investment’s actual return and the expected return by an investor. Risk portrays the probability and the magnitude of loss which comes hand in hand with the chosen investment product and the investment horizon of an investment. In the world of finance, risk is calculated by using standard deviation as a metric which measures the volatility or fluctuation in the price of an asset when it is compared to its historical averages in the given time frame for assessment.

Types of Risk?

There are certain situations in this world which you cannot avoid but there are other situations in which the risk associated with them can be mitigated by excersing the prescribed methodologies and measures. Here is the graphical representation of the two major types of investment risks along with their sub divisions.

Well, well, well!!!!! we will not be getting into the detailed explanation of each and every type of risk for the reason that it would derail us from the agenda of this article but we will definitely discuss the blanket types of risk which is systematic and unsystematic risk.

What is systematic risk?

Systematic risk refers to the undiversifiable/ market risk which has the potential to disrupt the entire global markets. It is a highly unpredictable and unavoidable kind of risk to a humongous extent. Systematic risk includes interest rate changes, inflation, recessions, and wars, among other major economic, geo-political and financial shifts in the world like ‘The Great Recession, 2008’.

What is unsystematic risk?

Unsystematic risk refers to a diversifiable type of investment risk which can be minimized and hopefully mitigated by proper asset selection and allocation in accordance with the prevailing sentiments in the target market. Unsystematic risk includes risks such as entry of a new market participant in a specific industry, launch of a substitute at a marginal shifting cost by a competitor or recall of a sold product from a customer due to safety or other major concerns and then providing them with compensation as done by Samsung after the launch of its smartphone labelled as “Galaxy S7” in 2016.

But Before that you must have a demat account. Do you think opening Online demat account is a herculean task? No, definitely not. Yes, they are complex, but our step by step guides make them easy like anything. Go on and choose a broker.

What are the financial ratios that can used to measure the risk-return trade-offs?

As you already discussed, standard deviation is used to calculate magnitude of risk associated with an investment product but it has some shortcomings like it only shows how annual returns of an investment is spread out which does not validates the consistency in performance in the future. We have two other ratios which can help you understand the risk associated with the investment option that you have chosen.

Sortino – It is a financial ratio which gives a realistic idea of the downside or the negative deviation associated with a company’s stock. It helps you to measure the amount of return that you will be able to generate on a per unit basis for the given magnitude of downside risk which can also be referred as a chance of avoiding large losses. A higher sortino ratio is always desirable.
Sharpe – It is a financial ratio which considers both upside and downside volatility and then arrives at a conclusion of a stock’s performance. Sharpe ratios is a statistical tool which predicts risk adjusted return on an investment. Higher sharpe ratio translates into higher return potential along with higher risk.
Mid-cap stocks have performed ravishingly throughout these years with a considerable amount of risk associated with them. There are various conclusions that can be drawn out from these graphs and tabular data but the one of utmost importance is that high risk gives no guarantee or validation of high returns. Look at standard deviation of small cap stocks, they are the highest in the pack but the return from US Mid-cap stocks and US large-cap stocks is the highest when risk is taken into the consideration.

Why aren’t the gamblers the richest?

There is a vanilla answer to this, ‘THEY ARE JUST SPECULATING’. Gamblers are the hardcore speculators. If you are into stock markets and you are making decisions based on mere assumptions, grapevines, pseudo talks and emotions then there is no power in this world which has the potential to protect from heavy, big, gigantic losses in the future.


Stock market is a blend of speculative risk (risk of potential gain or loss) and pure risk (the possibility of loss or no loss only). To magnify your returns, you need have a blend of risk averse and risk prone investment products in your portfolio. There is no such financial instrument which falls under the category of absolutely risk-free-investment in the world of stocks, even the treasury securities which are government backed carries a low magnitude risk of default.

As an add on from our side, here is the thorough segregation of financial instruments based on the level of risk associated with them.

Having a balanced portfolio is all you need for generating a decent amount of return with minimal risk. Risk profiling is another vital part of risk management and is a cardinal step in maximising returns for a portfolio. An individual needs to select his/her goals and the time in which they want to achieve them. Based on that we can select the asset class which has the potential to exude desired returns while keeping our risk appetite into consideration. For example, a young person can have aggressively invest in stocks and can even have a major part of their portfolio invested in financial instruments which portray the high risk-reward trade-off but a person who is about to retire must not construct their portfolio with small-cap or mid-cap stocks or with any other financial instrument which requires a long time horizon to appreciate in value and carries a risk of wiping out your investment corpus. Taking informed decisions which can further be translated into taking calculated risk is the heart of any investment strategy. Risk forms a negative correlation with return when you make an investment based on your emotions and not the basis of facts and figures which is available to you.